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All of our Liquid Body Oils are Reiki charged, the intention has been set and energy has been infused into our oils for amplified healing, enjoyment and transformation to uplift and raise your vibration.
This subtly intriguing proprietary blend with rich notes of tuberose, freesia, gardenia, white lily, sandalwood, suede, amber and musk is held together by the rich, earthy, sophisticated and sensual base notes of Somali rose. 

The Goddess is said to have supernatural powers and attributes admired by many. This scent is guaranteed to activate your sexy. 

Wear daily to use towards achieving an improved enlightened self. 

Roll on pulse points and wait for heads to turn as you walk by. - NOTE: Only the 10ml has the roller ball. The (1) ounce and (2) ounce have no roller ball.

GODDESS- Perfume Body Oil

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