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EGYPTIAN MUSK * UnisexThere is an allure to Egyptian Musk that makes it almost indescribable.  Said to be Carolyn Bessette Kennedy's favorite scent, Egyptian Musk is a fresh, clean, light and delicate musk with woodsy undertones and a hint of mystery.A French star described it as such, "In 15 minutes the scent disappears as the oil is absorbed into the pores. Later when you go out, when you are dancing, when you get warm, the oil is activated again and the scent comes out and is detectable again.  “This pretty much sums up the allure of wearing Egyptian Musk and why it will always be one of my all time favorite scents.” Roll on pulse points and wait for heads to turn as you walk by. - NOTE: Only the 10ml has the roller ball.  The (1) ounce and (2) ounce have no roller ball.

EGYPTIAN MUSK - Perfume Body Oil

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