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New to incense cones? 


Incense Cones burn with a very full aroma that can easily fill a large area.  Cones are often used in temples or churches where prayers are thought to be carried up by the trailing smoke. When burning incense cones it is very important to use an approved holder or burner due to the heat and ash they produce. Our Brass Cone Burners are perfect for safely burning cones. They have lift-off lids with vent holes and chimney which allow your aromatic smoke to flow freely and also making it easy to fill or clean.


The brass incense burner has a traditional design which brings refined elegance to any space. It has a traditional three-legged base, which supports the bottom cup and a cone shaped top with decorative cutouts. 


Burn your incense cones safely with our brass cone burners. Each burner varies slightly in style (as seen in picture) and are picked at random.


SMALL BRASS BURNER: Large enough for only one incense cone.


MEDIUM BRASS BURNER: Large enough for two incense cones or one charcoal tablet/resin incense.


NOTE: Allow to burn with the lid removed. Incense cone will not burn completely with the lid in place.

Brass Incense Cone Burner

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